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Nokia 7200 RingtonesThe Nokia 7200
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Nokia 7200 Technical Information

Size: 8.6cm x 5cm
Weight: 115g
Display Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
Camera: Yes
Video Recorder: Yes
Image Capabilities: GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP
MMS: Yes
Email: Yes
Java Games: Yes
Wap: Yes
Browser: WML and XHTML

Polyphonic Ringtones

Polyphonic Ringtones are widely supported on most new mobile phones. They are most commonly known as midi files (.mid).

As cell phone technology improves so does the quality of the polyphonic ringtones. Soon the quality of the polyphonic ringtones will be so advance that you will not be able to distinguish between a polyphonic ringtone and the mp3 track it was taken from. But will the size of the file increase? Wait and see.

Before Polyphonic ringtones was the pre set mono tones the phone manufactures would install on the mobiles (the Nokia tune). The quality of the mono tones are not as good as polyphonic tones due to the limited capabilities of the mono tone.

Not all polyphonic capable mobiles can play the same quality tones although. Different mobiles have different polyphony level, or number of simultaneous voices, built in on the handsets. For example, Nokia 7210 and Nokia 3510 handsets support four simultaneous tones (polyphony level 4), while Nokia 7650 has a polyphony level of 24.

Nokia 7200 mobiles are compatible with Polyphonic Ringtones. Please check out our range of tones.

Please check the capability of your mobile. Click Here.

Mono Ringtones

Mono ringtones are the old for mobile phones. Normally Mono ringtones are known as MMF files (.mmf).

Mono ringtones are not as advanced as Polyphonic ringtones due to its capabilities.

You can download mono ringtones still but you must be aware of mono ringtones will not work on certain mobiles even new ones.

Please check the capability of your mobile. Click Here


Realtones are audio files in which real life music or sounds can be played through your mobile device.

Realtone formats include AMR, WAV or MP3 files (.amr,.wav or .mp3). WAV and MP3 files are better quality but AMR are a lot smaller in file size and are quicker to download.

Nokia 7200 mobiles can take AMR realtones.

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Java Games

Java games are applications in which your mobile may or maynot be able to execute.

Nokia 7200 is compatible so you can start downloading our java games.

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Your mobile may or maynot be able to take colour images. One clue is to check whether it is compatible with GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP images. If any of these then yes it can take colour images if not then the old black and white, 2 colour WBMP would be your format.

Backgrounds, Screensavers,
Picture Messages,
and Operator Logos these apply to.

Nokia 7200 can take colour images.

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